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Watch Joe's interview

We often find that the most gifted shooters are motivated by basic human emotion. Joe’s motivation came at a young age. “My parents shot on a Super 8 when I was a kid. I remember seeing that stuff on the projector and it was awesome.” When asked about the impact of those images, Joe replies, “It brought life back to me.”

Joe Simon speaks with humility but his work has its own voice. “I’m quiet because I don’t really make a lot of noise. I definitely think about my shots and go in and get them, but I’m really excited so I’m like ‘Get this shot,’ and I’ll already have another idea when I’m done. I’ve got to get to the next shot right away because I don’t want to miss the opportunity that I have.”

This shooting style is part of Cinevate’s basic design philosophy. Our Pegasus Carbon System fits into Joe’s backpack and deploys in seconds. “You want to be able to take something yourself, get the shot and be done. When I’m shooting BMX, I have a backpack that carries all my gear. I have to have everything on my back when I go to each spot …definitely portability and quick set-up time are huge.”

“For a long time, I kind of hid in my own self …” Thankfully Joe decided some time ago to SHOW THE WORLD. “That’s been the best thing, making friends and really sharing ideas.”

Follow Joe's blog to see more of his amazing work.


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andrew hsu
01 Oct 2009, 16:57
Joe is pretty rad. He would like you to raise the clearance on the Pegasus so it can be used in rough terrain. He didn't say that outright and he didn't tell me to tell you this, but I know it's true.
Dennis Wood
01 Oct 2009, 17:43
Andrew, we've gone way beyond just longer legs for our LTS systems. If you've seen our "Atlas" sneak peak posted yesterday, then you'll get an idea of what we're doing :-)

Joe Simon
02 Oct 2009, 12:13
Man what a good time that was shooting in Canada with Cinevate! Love the gear and friends I've made up there!

Andrew haha, amazing. In rough terrain like hills and rocks it's a little tricky to use on the ground, but that's when you need to use a few small tripods to boost your clearance.

Keep it up guys!
Aaron Tharpe
02 Oct 2009, 12:37
Joe's one of my favorite shooters out there. Fantastic selection for the showcase!
Dennis Wood
07 Oct 2009, 10:26
Aaron, agreed. Joe's work ethic and "get it done" attitude stands out and pretty much guarantees he'll be a popular choice for collaborative efforts.

Joe, on the rocks/feet issue, you'll love the new leg system which allows moonscape type surfaces to be accomodated in seconds. We've also added removable rubber feet so expensive table surfaces are untouched. These changes will show up on Atlas first and make their way to all of our LTS products.

07 Oct 2009, 21:48
Hi, Dennis
You guys did great job. Altas looks cool. Can I know when you will have it ready? I am trying to buy one LTS soon. I hope I can have the latest Altas system. Thanks.
Dennis Wood
08 Oct 2009, 12:48
David, you should see the Atlas systems up in Cinevate's catalog next week or so. Keep in mind that Atlas is really designed for camera rigs over 30lbs that need 5ft of super stable movement, or folks using smaller cameras with lenses up to 600mm. The Pegasus Heavy Lifter (currently shipping) is basically a smaller Atlas, and will shortly feature the same leg system.

Nicholas Ferguson-Lee
11 Oct 2009, 13:55
Joes work is proffesional yet informal making a great output for all viewers, His latest BMX video lets get mystical varied outstanding editing work and highly impressive filming techniques, my all over rating for Joe Simon is very high and look forward for his later work