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"War from a harlots mouth" music video

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"War from a harlots mouth" music video

New postby Nicolai Wolf on Tue Mar 31, 2009 4:50 pm

For those of you who like metal, grindcore and all kind of heavy music, check out the music promo I shot for the german band "War from a harlots mouth". Shot in february 2009 on a 2 day schedule with the Panasonic HPX171, Brevis .MP1, Cinefuse 1Le and Zeiss highspeed prime lenses in Berlin. The Brevis performed very well, as always. What a joy!
The only thing which broke was the wireless follow focus, so we ended up working at a fixed setting. Therefore some stedicam shots went soft. All the other stuff is handheld and my assistant/focus puller did a great job.

Download WFAHM Crooks at your door MP4 640x360 x264

And other choices:
A bit too compressed, but still very watchable:

Check the HD version:


PS.: The vignette in some shots is not from the Brevis, but from a misadjsted/tilted mattebox while using the 18mm lens...
Nicolai Wolf
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