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Cinevate's Imaging Elements (1,2 and3) Exposed!

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Cinevate's Imaging Elements (1,2 and3) Exposed!

New postby Dennis Wood on Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:00 pm

At long, long last we've put together a detailed overview of the our Imaging Elements CF1Le, CF2Le, and CF3Le. CF1, CF2 and CF3 look exacltly the same visually but of course are designed for cameras like the HV20. This is the first clip produced, shot and edited 100% in house by the same team that takes care of all optical assembly, quality control and shipping. The camera used was the EX1 with the standard picture profile, set between f8 and f11 during the outside shots. We've tested the bare EX1 lens to find out that it's best edge to edge sharpness is achieved at f8. Shooting without an adapter, this is where the camera should be too.

The clips are split into two parts where part 1 is a technical analysis and part 2 has the pretty pictures.

Enjoy: ... niversity/

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